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Liber Loagaeth is a grimoire of John Dee and Edward Kelley’s Enochian magic. It consists of 48 pages (or leaves), each of which contains a 49×49 grid, partially. Enochian magic is a system of ceremonial magic based on the evocation and commanding of The Liber Logaeth (Book of the Speech of God)(aka The Book of Enoch aka Liber Mysteriorum, Sextus et Sanctus -The Sixth (and Sacred/Holy) . al azif – the cipher manuscript known as ‘necronomicon’ ye book of ye arab, abdul alhazred, at damascus of ye old ones and. their spawn the old ones were.

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Liber Mysteriorum, Sextus et Sanctus

There are two transcripts of this manuscript available today: There are letters within the circle above, below libwr to either side of the square. An expanded facsimile edition of Casaubon was published by Magickal Childe in [7]. Be-ri-ta od zodacame ji-mi-calazodo: Dee and Kelley claimed they received these instructions from angels.

Bajirele papenore idalu-gama elonusahi-od umapelifa vau-ge-ji Bijil-IAD! Spirit, Air, Water, Earth, Fire. These formulae were reportedly communicated to Case by Master R. They are ruled by names of God libsr by prefixing the appropriate letter from the “black-cross” to their own names.


Writings of John Dee

Inner top right angle triangle has “LV”. This account of the Angelic communications is taken at face value by most Enochian occultists.

The Leader of Armies is Thy Name! Behold the Promise of God, and His Power, which is called amongst ye a bitter sting! To left of lower point “1”. Zodameranu obelisonugi resat-el aaf nor-mo-lapi! Lower right corner square to right side triangle, a circle with “1 3 2” inside, libe “1” above the “3 2” in pyramidal order.

New Falcon Publications,pp. Please help improve this article either by rewriting the how-to content libsr by moving it to WikiversityWikibooks or Wikivoyage.

Enochian magic – Wikipedia

The work of man and his pomp, let them be defaced. Each pyramid houses an ‘angel’ with a one-letter name.

The invocations which we possess in that tongue follow in their due place. At a point just below the midpoint of the triangle is a circle with dot. The sides of the square are the four great watch-towers Plates IV.

New Falcon Publications,p. The left-hand sides to the element of the file, in this order from left to right: The attribution of various Elements to the various pyramids is best depicted on a labelled and coloured version of the various Tablets; an Enochian texbook e. The angle of Air of Air. In this way, the entire universe, visible and invisible, is depicted as teeming with living intelligences. This rectangular grid has its corners overlapping the lines defining the hexagram in the original illustration.


We hope to be able to deal with these adequately in a subsequent article. Plate X shows us the names of these governors in the four Watch-Towers. H the Root of the Powers of Water.

Tonu paomebeda dizodalamo asa pianu, od caha-risateosa aji-la-tore-torenu paracahe a sayomepe. Conversion has been made to English equivalents, however pointless it may appear. On four others stood the feet of the table. These angels are the angels of the Seven Circles of Heaven.