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Títulos valores — Legislación — Perú; View all subjects artículo de la nueva ley de títulos valores, Ley n. Concordancias y reseñas jurisprudenciales. mediante títulos valores que son instrumentos muy especiales porque al estar en un . Titulos Valores en El Peru Ley Nº Prescripcion y. LA LEY Y LOS TITULO VALOR. Related Videos. LA LEY Y LOS TITULO VALOR. PYMES PERU RTV. Títulos Valores – La Acción Cambiaria. Consultorio .

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This Assignment Agreement acts as notice to the Agent on behalf of each Finance Petu and, upon delivery in accordance with Clause The obligations of each Finance Party under the Finance Documents are several.

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Neither the Agent, the Security Agent except as expressly provided in any Finance Document nor the Arranger shall be bound to account to any Lender for any sum or the profit element of any sum received by it for its own account. Any requirement of Clause 20 Financial covenants is not satisfied. The duties of 272877 Agent and the Security Agent under the Finance Documents are solely mechanical and administrative in nature.

The Company shall promptly upon becoming aware that an Obligor must make a Tax Deduction or that there is any change in the rate or the basis of a Tax Deduction notify the Agent accordingly. The Obligors shall procure that the Sale Agreements 2287 irrevocable payment instructions to the purchasers under the Sale Agreements to make all payments thereunder to the accounts detailed in the Security Documents. An amendment or waiver of any term of any Finance Document that has the effect of changing, or which relates to:.

Its successor and each of the other Parties shall have the same rights and obligations among themselves as they would have had if such successor had been an original Party. The Borrower to which a Loan has been made shall pay accrued interest on that Loan on the last day of each Interest Pedu and, if the Interest Period is longer than six Months, vapores the dates falling at six monthly intervals after the first day of the Interest Period. Terms defined in the Peeru have the same meaning in this Utilisation Request unless given a different meaning in this Utilisation Request.

All interest accrued on the amount standing to the credit of the trust account shall be for the benefit of the Recipient Party or Recipient Parties pro rata ly their respective entitlements.

A reference in this Agreement to a Leh Letter shall include any letter referred to in this paragraph lry. Where there are inconsistencies between the Trustee Act and the Trustee Act and the express provisions of any such Finance Document, the provisions of such Finance Document shall, to the extent allowed by law, prevail and, in the case of any such inconsistency with the Trustee Actthe provisions of such Finance Document shall constitute ;eru restriction or exclusion for the purposes tltulos that Act.

It has paid when due all Taxes required to be paid by it without the imposition of any penalty other than any Taxes:. Any Affiliate of, or any bona fide and established trust or fund or other entity managed by, any of the banks or financial institutions listed in this Schedule 15 provided that such Affiliate, trust, fund or other entity is not a hedge fund and is regularly engaged in or established for the purpose of making, purchasing or investing in loans, securities or other financial assets.

The Onshore Security Agent and the Offshore Security Agent shall each cooperate in good faith with the Company to ensure that the Company is able to comply with its obligations under this Clause No commitment fee is payable to the Agent for the account of a Lender on any Available Commitment of that Lender for any day on which that Lender is a Defaulting Lender. The Company and each Obligor jointly and severally shall promptly indemnify the Security Agent per any Receiver or Delegate against any cost, loss or liability incurred by the Security Agent and any Receiver or Delegate acting reasonably as a result of:.


Interest in respect of a Separate Loan will accrue for successive Interest Periods selected by the Borrower by the time and date specified by the Agent acting reasonably and will be payable by that Borrower to the Defaulting Lender on the last day of each Interest Period of that Loan. Sign in via your Institution Sign in. Subject to this Clause 9, a Borrower or the Company may select an Interest Period of one, two, three or six Months or any other period agreed between the Company and the Agent acting on the instructions of all the Lenders in relation to the relevant Loan.

Pursuant to Clause A copy of a resolution tituloos the board of directors of the Additional Obligor:. The Company shall, on the Accordion Increase Date, pay to the Agent for its own account a ttiulos in an amount equal to the fee which would be payable under Clause Each Guarantor irrevocably and unconditionally jointly and severally:. Neither the Agent nor the Security Agent will be liable for any delay or any related consequences in crediting an account with an amount required under the Finance Documents to be paid by it if it has taken all necessary steps as soon as reasonably practicable to comply with the regulations or operating procedures of any recognised clearing or settlement system used by it for that purpose.

Subject to Clause 2.

Any Finance Party may disclose:. No Obligor shall enter into any corporate reorganisation or transformation without the prior consent of the Agent, other than any corporate reorganisation or transformation not implying insolvencywhich is not reasonably expected to have a Material Adverse Effect.

Notwithstanding any provision of any Finance Document to the contrary, the Agent is not obliged to expend or risk its own funds or otherwise incur any financial liability in the performance of its duties, obligations or responsibilities or the exercise of any right, power, authority or discretion if it has grounds for believing the repayment of such funds or adequate indemnity against, or security for, such risk or liability is not reasonably assured to it.

We refer to Clause Each New Lender, by executing the relevant Transfer Certificate or Assignment Agreement, confirms, for the avoidance of doubt, that the Agent has authority to execute on its behalf any amendment or waiver that has been approved by or on behalf of the requisite Lender or Lenders in accordance with this Agreement on or prior to the date on which the transfer or assignment becomes effective in accordance with this Agreement and that it is bound by that decision to the same extent as the Existing Lender would have been had it remained a Lender.

When, in the Renaissance, the legal systems of Western Europe developed legal doctrines underpinning the incorporation of loan claims in paper documents or registries, official issuers were among the first to make use on a large scale of this innovative financial and legal technique. Each set of financial statements delivered by the Company pursuant to Clause Payment shall be made to such account in the principal financial centre of the country of that currency with such bank as the Agent specifies.

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To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. Any corporate action, legal proceedings or other similar procedure or step is taken in relation to:. The Company may pay to an Accordion Increase Lender a fee in the amount and at the times agreed between the Company and the Accordion Increase Lender in a letter between the Company and the Accordion Increase Lender setting out that fee.

Payment shall be made to such account in the principal financial centre of the country of that currency with such bank as the Agent specifies. Each Lender shall, as soon as reasonably practicable after a demand by the Agent, provide a certificate confirming the amount of its Break Costs for any Interest Period in which they accrue.

This issue should be addressed at primary documentation stage. This Clause 27 shall not apply to the extent that the Recovering Finance Party would not, after making any payment pursuant to this Clause 27, have a valid and enforceable claim against the relevant Obligor.

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Any communication or document made or delivered by one person to another under or in connection with the Finance Documents will only be effective:. No Reference Bank will be liable for any action taken by it under or in connection with any Finance Document, or for any Reference Bank Quotation, unless directly caused by its gross negligence or wilful misconduct.

The Promissory Note shall not be redeemed unless the Agent has issued a notice lley the Borrower declaring that the Facility is to be immediately due and payable in accordance with Clause Each payment of interest shall be made in the currency in which the sum in respect of which the interest is payable was denominated pursuant to this Agreement when that interest accrued.

No duty to collect payments The Security Agent shall not have any duty: Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer. If the Agent or the Security Agent is willing to make available amounts for the account of a Borrower before receiving funds from the Lenders then if and to the extent that the Agent or Security Agent as appropriate does so but it proves to be the case that it does not then receive peruu from a Lender in respect of a sum which it paid to a Borrower:.

This is an Accordion Increase Confirmation. Terms defined in the Agreement have the same meaning in this Accession Letter unless given a different meaning in this Accession Letter. If the Additional Guarantor is incorporated in England and Wales, or if so required by the Agent, a copy of a resolution signed by all the holders of the issued shares of the Additional Guarantor approving the terms of, and the transactions contemplated by, the Finance Documents to which the Pfru Guarantor is a party.

Terms defined in the Agreement have the same meaning in this Resignation Letter unless given a different meaning in this Resignation Letter. References to the Original Financial Statements shall, galores the purposes of any repetition, be construed as references to the most recent audited consolidated financial statements of the Company delivered to the Agent. A copy of a resolution of the board of directors of the Additional Obligor:.

Any transfer of rights and obligations of a Defaulting Lender pursuant to this Clause 34 shall be subject to the following conditions:.