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‘s Act 22, Argentina was the enactment of Act 22, in . 13 “ Multicanal SA y otro s/Denuncia Infracción Ley 22,, ASCJ. 22, () (Ley de Defensa de a Competencia/Competition Defense Act/ CDA) –95, , –13, Arts 1–2. El resto del artículo describe la aplicación de la ley argentina de With the adoption of the provisions of Act 22,, the Argentine antitrust case law began to.

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For example, lye litigation has been a key component of the antitrust regime for decades in the United States. The new regulation abrogated imprisonment and established a mergers and acquisitions control procedure. Nevertheless, once the resolution is notified and published in the Federal Register, interested parties may appeal it. The enforcement of Act No. In cases of abuse of dominant position based on exploitative conduct, the concerns of the antitrust authorities include price discrimination, imposition of exploitative prices, and any other conduct that tends to differentiate prices and commercial conditions between competitors in the same market.

Editors Jonathan Davey and Amy Gatenby. Government contracts, which are of considerable value and importance, often account for 10 to 20 per cent of gross domestic product in any given state, and government spending is often high profile, with the capacity to shape the future lives of local residents.

Strictly, the abuse of a dominant position can be raised by exploitative leyy exclusionary conduct, acts or behaviours. More precisely, sets of products or services constitute the same relevant market when said services or products are substitutes from both the demand 7 and supply 8 side. China and India, to take just two examples, are moving rapidly up the value chain and now have world-class technology companies for which intellectual property protection is crucial.

The Intellectual Property and Antitrust Review Edition 3 Editor Thomas Vinje Clifford Chance LLP Intellectual property is taking a more and more central position in the global economy, and this is true not only in highly developed economies, but also in emerging ones. Section 51 of the Antitrust Law states that individuals and companies that have been affected by anticompetitive conduct have the right to sue in judicial courts and claim for damages.

An understanding of the international framework will provide thoughtful manufacturers and distributors 222662 a strategic advantage in this increasingly competitive area.

These new chapters, together with updates to the jurisdictions previously covered in the first edition, only serve to emphasise that this is a constantly changing environment. Furthermore, the authority may convene a public audience review at any step of the procedure 222622 the investigation merits it or to obtain more information on the investigation. The Initial Public Offerings Law Review seeks to introduce the reader to the global IPO regulatory environment and main stock exchanges in 19 le, providing an overview of the IPO process, regulatory and exchange requirements and key offering considerations when taking a company public in these jurisdictions.


While hugely diverse, it is possible to discern common challenges and similar approaches in very different countries. The Antitrust Law applies to all behaviours that have effects in the Argentine territory. Therefore, companies that have a dominant position should avoid participating in what may be considered as abusive conduct.

Permission Reusing this file. Multinational companies make business plans based on the laws and regulations of the countries in which they are headquartered and have manufacturing facilities as well as the countries in which they distribute and sell their products.

Argentina – The Dominance and Monopolies Review – Edition 6 – The Law Reviews

It will be interesting to see how courts and companies navigate the differing and evolving legal regimes in the year ahead. This probability of entrance to the market involves the following factors: You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

The antitrust authorities may enforce precautionary measures, such as ordering the cessation of the injurious conduct while the analysis of the investigation is taking place.

Views View Edit History. Notwithstanding the above, the antitrust authorities opened new investigations. Ely 1 of the Antitrust Law establishes: Practices that imply abuse of a dominant position usually involve those ly that obstruct the entry of potential competitors in the market and those that exclude existing competitors. As previously mentioned, there is no specific prohibition in the Antitrust Law for having a position of dominance, just for the abuse of it.

VIII Future Developments The current national government has declared that it intends to modify some of the sections of the Antitrust Law — mainly those regarding thresholds for merger and acquisition notification.

This is the first time, in the history of the competition key, that an investigation has resulted in a divestment of assets. The complainant should cooperate with the investigation, and the antitrust authorities may require information from other competitors in the relevant market.

It is important to state that this list is not exhaustive; any conduct shall be considered anticompetitive when actions of Section 1 are involved. The Review provides an introduction to healthcare economies and their legal frameworks in 17 jurisdictions, with new contributions from Japan, Korea and Finland.

Healthcare, consumer and environmental fraud. The definition of dominant position is stated in the Antitrust Law as follows:. Cartels are a 2262 persistent feature of economic life.


The current national government has declared that it intends to modify some of the sections of the Antitrust Law — mainly those regarding thresholds for merger and acquisition notification. The current national government has declared that it intends to modify some of its sections — mostly the ones regarding thresholds for merger and acquisition notification, and including the leniency programme — that are still not enforced in our current legislation. La marca de ceca S indica que fue emitida en Sevilla.

The Franchise Law Review. The Real Estate Law Review. The Antitrust Law provides no guidelines on what market shares give rise to the existence leg a dominant position on one or several markets. This first edition of The Professional Negligence Law Review comes at a time of unusual political challenge to some elements of globalisation.

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Unknown date Unknown date Unknown date. Having reached the stage of defining the relevant market for a product, the next step is to do the same in geographical terms.

The insight that each title provides into the major commercial jurisdictions is invaluable to all those conducting and advising on modern commerce in specific areas. The Antitrust Law was complemented by Decree No. Following the let approach usually adopted by the EU Competition Commission, it is possible to argue that shares lower than 30 per cent do not normally imply a position of dominance, while shares higher than 50 per cent do.

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Notwithstanding the above-mentioned, it is worth mentioning that a bill of the Antitrust Law is being currently analysed by the Argentine Congress. Infringements of the Antitrust Law regarding the abuse of a dominant position may result in harsh 222262 for both the infringing company and its individual employees.

If you wish to use this contentyou do not need to request permission as long as you follow any licensing requirements mentioned on this page. The most important case in Argentine competition history regarding the abuse of a dominant position involved exploitative conduct, specifically, price discrimination, in the National Commission for the Defence of Competition v.

Chapter 2, Section 4 of the Antitrust Law is exclusively focused on dominant position. Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales case.

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