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IEC +A+A(E). Edition consolidated with amendments and This English-language version is derived from the. This standard applies to all high-voltage switchgear and controlgear except as otherwise specified in the relevant IEC standards for the particular type of. Find the most up-to-date version of IEC at Engineering

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Definitions, principles and rules IEC Information relating to this publication, including its validity, is available in the IEC Catalogue of publications see below in addition to new editions, amendments and corrigenda. For equipment with rated voltages from kV and above: For all relays chosen for the rated supply voltage of the auxiliary and control circuits, the limits of the operating range in IEC allow the relays to meet the limits required in 4.

The selection criterion is based on the magnitude of the largest common mode voltage, at industrial frequency, expected to occur between two points of the earthing circuitry of the substation for example, during a primary short circuit or due to the presence of a shunt reactor. Rated currents for temporary or for intermittent duty are subject to agreement between manufacturer and 4.

The IEC shall not be held responsible for identifying any or all such patent rights. NOTE 3 If only the protection against access to hazardous parts is concerned, the additional letter is used and the first numeral is replaced by an X.

Potentiometers shall comply with the requirements of IEC Care should be taken to avoid influencing the measurements by earthed or unearthed objects near to the switchgear and controlgear and to the test and measuring circuits. When the distance between the poles of switchgear and controlgear is not inherently fixed by the design, the distance between the poles for the test shall be the minimum value stated by the manufacturer. The rated peak withstand current shall correspond to the rated frequency.


Identification of terminals shall comply with the requirements of IEC and shall be in agreement with the indications on the wiring diagrams and drawings, and the specification of the user, if applicable.

Guide for application of IEC 62271-100 and IEC 60694. Part I and II

isc Switches to be used in distribution circuits or in final circuits shall comply with the requirements of IEC Continuously rated coils shall be tested over a period of time sufficient for the temperature rise to reach a constant value. This condition is usually obtained when the variation does not exceed 1 K in 1 h. The permissible values shall be given by the manufacturer.

The voltage share is specified in 6. IEC gives three examples of fuse systems as standardized systems with respect to their safety aspects.

Enclosures should be constructed, insulated, made watertight, etc. It is also capable of carrying currents under normal circuit conditions and carrying currents for a specified time under abnormal conditions such as those of short-circuit. Particular requirements for temperature sensing controls IEC Other characteristics such as type of gas or temperature class being specialized shall be represented by the symbols which are used in the relevant standards.

Methods of measurement and procedure for determining limits Ie 1 Other International Standards are referred to for information in this standard. Wet tests shall be performed for outdoor switchgear and controlgear only.

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Frequency meters shall comply with the requirements of IEC Where an electromechanical contactor is combined with suitable relays, to provide short-circuit protection, it shall also satisfy the relevant conditions for LV circuit-breakers, as specified in IEC If during a wet test a disruptive discharge on external self-restoring insulation occurs, this test shall be repeated in the same test condition and the switchgear and controlgear shall be considered to have passed this test successfully if no further disruptive discharge occurs.

Requirements for any contacts of manual control switches that are made available to the user are contained in 5.


Point 12 Classes of insulating materials are those given in IEC The switchgear and controlgear shall be considered to have passed the test if the number of the disruptive 6094 on self-restoring insulation does not exceed two for each series of 15 impulses and if no disruptive discharge on non-self-restoring insulation occurs. Installation and mitigation guidelines IEC For outdoor installation without additional mechanical protection, higher impact levels may be specified, subject to 6069 agreement between manufacturer and user.

In addition, phase-to-phase switching impulse voltage tests shall be performed as stated below. For special service conditions, see 2.

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General definitions and test requirements IEC No correction of the temperature-rise values shall be made for ambient air temperatures within this range. Suggested colours for these switches are given in IEC AC semiconductor motor controllers and starters IEC In particular, the following information shall be included: NOTE On contact materials, oxidation may occur which decreases the effective current-carrying capabilities.

NOTE These values can be used to calculate times between isc, Toutside extreme conditions of temperature or frequency of lec.

For oil-filled switchgear and controlgear, new insulating oil shall comply with IEC An example of a possible grouping is shown 600694 table 8 below. After this period, a non-operation of the switchgear and controlgear with its associated auxiliary and control circuit is acceptable provided that the functionality resets to its original characteristics when environmental conditions inside the enclosure for auxiliary and control circuits are back to the specified service conditions.

For sulphur hexafluoride-filled switchgear and controlgear, new sulphur hexafluoride shall comply with IEC Switching devices, the incorrect operation of which can cause damage or which are used for assuring isolating distances, shall be provided with locking facilities as specified to the manufacturer for example, provision of padlocks.