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GIFT OF THE GODDESS Denise Rossetti Chapter One. Hssrda (sing. Hssrdan): Hybrid race, saurian-human. Most authorities believe the Hssrda were created. Buy a cheap copy of Gift of the Goddess book by Denise Rossetti. Book 1 in the Phoenix Rising series The Law of the love goddess Lufra states that no man may . Gift Of The Goddess By Denise Rossetti – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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Definitely looking forward to more in this series. Anje was strong, fiesty herione. I am not a huge erotica reader but this is among the very few which sit at the top. He and Prince Trey set out to find this hoddess.

Gift of the Goddess by Denise Rossetti

No library descriptions found. Slowly, Anje shuffled back to face him. I really came to care about the characters by the end and the book left off with a satisfying conclusion.

Let’s not talk about characters. Above all, the 3-way love affair between giift heroine and heroes is utterly convincing, both on an emotio This has to be one of the best erotic novels I’ve read. Anje fears Brin’s arrogant prediction may be true-“You’ll th, scout, and you’ll glory in it.


I love this world! Anje bit her lip, concentrating. Because you trust—trust absolutely. Anje smoothed a hand over her aching breasts and pressed her thighs together.

Deklan used to laugh like that when she rode him hard, raking his skin with her nails, loving him, loving the brutal climaxes she wrung from him. The interesting take on offerings to the goddess Lufra was intriguing and quite appealing. Huge, dark and enigmatic, Brin wears a tat The Law of the love goddess Lufra states that no man may take his pleasure inside any part of a woman’s body, unless she has climaxed first.

Gift of the Goddess

We won’t hurt you. I like that both men adore Anje. I remain an incurable romantic who loves happy endings, heart-pounding adventure and the eventual triumph of goo When I was very small, I had an aunt who would tell me the most wonderful fairy tales – all original.

Google Books — Loading She can’t resist him for long. A cold, gray void blossomed beneath her breastbone. There was a beautiful man below, bathing in the pool. It had a nice fantasy plot, good giddess building. You’re Lufra’s Gift, the salvation of our people. Each time, every time.

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Now if he’d only lie still long enough for her to fix his image in her mind. Books by Godess Rossetti. But she couldn’t drag her stare away from his, from the cool intelligence shining there, the adamantine will.

Her honor demand that she return to her people to return a map detailing locations of the Hssrda. Two sturdy pack beasts and two stallions, one black, the other that turquoise under smoke color so prized throughout the Ten Nations. Prepare to be Enchanted There is a ritual that must take place and that is why Anje finds herself bonded to Brin and in a sexual relationship with them both. This gordess where I started skimming, for as much as I have tried to see the allure I have put of reviewing this book as I really am not sure how I felt, so I will just wing it.

They were long-lidded, fathomless. Electric and awe inspiring I can’t wait to read another tale rosserti in this wonderous realm!