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Final Fantasy VIII walkthrough and strategy guide including side quests, Limit Breaks, Guardian Forces, magic juntioning tips and Triple Triad cards game guide. I’m looking for a written guide dedicated to a % run(all gf, cards, limit breaks, items, etc). I’m already aware of speed runs on youtube but. Full game walkthrough with focus on picking up all steam achievements for the game.

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Approach the detonator again. After the hours of playing Triple Triad, you should probably have near 30k Gil.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Final Fantasy VIII Steam Achievement Walkthrough

As Squall, leave your Dormitory room. Select the 10 minute limit. Exit the Training Center and head back to the main hub, circling around to the bottom of the loop where the garden walktheough is. There are 2 players at the main gate.

Page 14 Timber – Deling City. Walk to the right a bit, spamming the whistle button to find a suitable spot for mama chocobo to walkthrouvh. Approach them again for a scripted fight. Speak with the soldier, leave the house, then enter the house again.

Table of Contents

Squall starts babbling about junctions. Walk up and enter the mansion. Exit up through the door by which you entered.

After you have read what you want to, navigate back df8 of the menus and choose “I’m done. If you either enter Winhill from the west side, or walk down a few screens from the town square, you will find the Hotel and Item shop screen. Then exit down again.



Follow the others to the right, and repeat the process, but this time it’s 5 codes instead of 3, and you don’t have Zell and Selphie watching for the guards. Exit up to the next screen. This is where students learn about magic and other things such as weapons and how to maintain them. Page 13 Timber Train Station. Examine the armor on the first floor of the mansion for a brief scene.

You need the Gilgamesh card from the King, so if you don’t win it the first game, then save at the save point and head to the bridge to keep playing until you win the card.

Approach the communications tower door. Choco Boy is covering the treasure spot. Choose “Play it cool. Check out the Anarchist Monthly clipping on the board at the top right of the room.

Head up the stairs to your left. As Selphie, now that you are on the world map, save your game! Once done, leave the classroom. This system of drawing and junctioning magic was subject to a tf8 intense learning curve. Meanwhile, have Rinoa smack each one twice and spam Card on them until you win the battle.

Return to the directory to trigger an announcement. I noticed there were quite a few walkthroughs listed for VIII, albeit the majority are In Progresswhich is why I thought I’d start my own – yep, with that elusive Complete glowing green sticker of success.


Take the elevator up to the second floor. As Quistis, try to leave through the door. Continue along the path until you run into the Ifrit. Go east, use a beach to reach the water and get to the next continent, at the north of which is a lot of forest surrounding Chocobo Sanctuary. Exit down and left. When you find it, use Ziner again to dig up the Aura Stone. Note Squall can do damage or so due to how he is junctioned. Head through the door on the bottom of the screen with the person standing next to it.

Climb the ladder on the left, then climb another ladder until you arrive at a doorway. As Zell is playing, have Irvine exit to the left we walkthrouyh now down in front of the Mayor’s house in Fisherman’s Horizon again. Climb down the ladder, and on the next screen continue climbing down until you end up in a hallway. Rest in your bed until the current CC Group King makes an wallthrough.

Then walk right into the next area and talk to Seifer to trigger a brief scene.