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In , DuPont introduced Imron® polyurethane enamel, characterizing it as ” the wet look that lasts” because of its gloss, chemical resistance. DuPont Imron® Industrial Strength is the next generation of Imron® technology. Based upon patented DuPont formulations and resin technology, Imron®. A search on Imron and paint seems to turn up a wealth of knowledge on prep. So I’m good on prep. How about actual application? The paint.

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Dupont Imron 2k Standard Thinner ET750 5 Litre Normal Thinner Solvent Reducer

First off, there are a bunch of other products that do basically the same thing now. It is easy to get streaks and mottling of the metallic. D71 Immron Profile D71’s Website. Frank S Frank S’s Profile. Spraying in both directions is fine.

Dupont Imron Polyurethane Enamel Auto Paint U Orange Gallon | eBay

Unless the jobber has a big share of the fleet repair market imrob just can’t justify it. Testimonials Great This is just a test submission to show you how it looks, great, eh?


Any good quality 2 or 3 stage sytem will work fine for what ever you are working on. Thu Eupont 28, 2: The Imron does have a long open time but that is also why it cures so hard – durable after that longer process.

Are light coats a good idea with Imron, or is there problems with going too light? All Material Copyright Watercraft Superstore. The time now is Last edited by CarterB; at Wed Apr 27, 3: Brian Free lance adviser “Hitting the pavement at mph really smarts” Evel Knievel. They sprayed it much like when using lacquer ddupont basically no protection.

Dupont Imron 2k Standard Thinner ET 5 Litre Normal Thinner Solvent Reducer | eBay

I painted a 16 ft Wellcraft with Imron once. Make sure nothing in the exhaust area is something I don’t want painted.

IMRON was often applied to frames, djpont ends, and so on for the underside of projects too. For Product delivery greater than 60 miles from the San Fernando Valley California please contact us for shipping information. You are right the products do constantly get changed, we are now on to Imron Elite, base clear and single stage. I have painted with it many years ago.

dupomt Free lance adviser “Hitting the pavement at mph really smarts” Evel Knievel. How fast to spray, how far away, etc. These colors can then be used by themselves as topcoats or in combination with other colors to make thousands of mixed colors.


Sounds like I should just go with a flat Imron instead.

DuPont Imron Industrial Strength High Gloss Polyurethane Gallon

Use a good overlap to keep the paint wet looking. Hey, Frank do we still have your ear??? Tue Apr 26, 6: All times are GMT The paint shop people say Imron, while a very durable paint, is hard to apply and have it look good.

Tue Jan 27, 5: Here’s what I gather so far from this duont. Imron has undergone many changes over the years, from regular Imron to Imron 3. Google [Bot]Google Adsense [Bot] and 38 guests. I did get some grit sandpaper, so I’m ready for that. How do you spray this in one direction only. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.