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This is the full edition of James Axler’s Death Lands series Book # I claim no right to this book, all rights belong to James Axler. Description: On a January day, . Deathlands # 1 -Pilgrimage to Hell [James Axler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On a crisp January day, a Presidential inaugurtion day. Pilgrimage To Hell (Deathlands) [James Axler, Jack Adrian] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On a January day, a Presidential.

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This book contains discussions of rape, sexual sadism, bestiality, violence, slavery, torture, and lots and lots of guns deathalnds death. He peppers the truck he and Krysty were brought in, then gets into the driver seat and fights his way out of the convoy.

Someone told me the series lasted for over 30 volumes, with a spinoff series as well.

Pilgrimage is several generations after the nuke. Characters growl out things like “Burn it down” or “I couldn’t give a nuke”; everything is oriented to the world-changing event of a hundred years ago.

Doc suggests that they use the gateway to make their escape. Which got a little grating.

Don’t get me wrong he’s still a tough SOB but I wanted more of him and took me a while to shift gears. Jun 04, Ryan Carson rated it liked it Shelves: Everyone that is except Krysty herself. This is pretty much what I expected. What I most of all didn’t expect was to finish this book, which ends on hll cliff-hanger with the main driver for the next hundred books already in place, immediately thinking – pass me the next one, that was incredible!

He rambles on about redoubts, gateways, and a fog. They return to the convoy, and make their report.


Pilgrimage to Hell – Wikipedia

One thing I didn’t like was some of the voice acting sound fake and cartoonish. Retrieved from ” http: Jul 13, Fantasy Literature rated it liked it. Of course, there are a few gripes otherwise Pilgrimage to Hell wouldn’t be trudging off deathpands only a 3 star rating.

Three warriors – the tough, intelligent Ryan Cawdoran enigmatic beauty called Krysty Wrothand the armorer J.

Villains are black and white morally, the action scenes are gratuitous, and the world is fun to read about. He takes Krysty and they all head back to the convoy after wiping out the remaining survivors. Oct 30, Sean C rated it it was ok.

Sep 08, Cherie rated it it was ok. On a crisp January day, a Presidential inauguration day, a one-megaton blast ripped through pilgriimage Soviet embassy in WashingtonD.

Out of the ruins of worldwide nuclear devastation emerged Deathlandsa world that conspired against survival. Unfortunately, any other villains are just mindless thugs and are generally described as such.

Subsequent explosions around the globe changed the deathlznds and the shape of the earth forever. As he is about to commit the deed, Scale is set upon by several of his Stickie followers.

Pilgrimage to Hell

At any rate, David was right, felt like reading a Gamma World game. There are volumes of Deathlands, written by 12 different authors under the house name James Axler. Reading this book it felt like I had been caught in an awful B-type movie. As other reviewers have mentioned, This was my first audio book with sound affects to accompany the narrative, and I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first. I read it and liked it, and a lot of the characters and concepts stuck with me over the years, but it was only recently I decided to try and get into the “trucker series” these books and audiotapes seem to always be for sale at truck stops.


This book is, in my opinion, a shining example of why pulp should never be written off as pap. Since there are so many of them i don’t see the point in writing reviews for them all. Strasser has Ryan pilgriage Krysty brought to him. Out of hundreds, only 24 remain. I loved pretty much every moment of this novel. After exploring the redoubtthey find the locked entrance that leads into the gateway chamber.

Unfortunately, if you’re going to get the world-building uell and character backstories, you’ll have to read “Pilgrimage to Hell” before moving on to the better-paced novels in the series, so I do recommend it for new fans, but with the understanding that the series definitely picks up after this first book. I should have higher standards. He was inside the encampment, extracting revenge for Scales attack on the convoy he is part of. No trivia or quizzes yet. It’s a lot of fun if you go into with the right expectations, and by that I mean, no expectations of quality writing but lots of deathpands and explosions and weaponry and devastated landscapes and mutated creatures and a series of pilggrimage testosterone-fueled men who are either outright villains or antiheroes just trying to survive.

The “Graphic Audio” treatment means that Pilgrimage to Hell comes across as more of a play than a narration, and overall I liked it.