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No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Osamu Dazai’s “No Longer Human” comprises a series of three fictionalized notebooks, with each increasingly darker than the last. Portraying himself as a failure, the protagonist of Osamu Dazai’s No Longer Human narrates a seemingly normal life even while he feels.

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Yozo feels about as radically alienated from the world as any character could be. This dual-view is an integral part of No Longer Human: He exists within a whirl of anxiety and agitation that pushes him over the edge.

Trivia About No Longer Human.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. I don’t even know why I think he should have I wouldn’t want to magnify the weight of the cross that some people have to carry around, for the absence of said remedy might be already too harsh a punishment. Self-perception versus the perception of others is always a fascinating enigma, the crux of the grand theatre that comprises human life.

No Longer Human

I just wanted to jump back in here for a little troll patrol: Aug 28, Magdalen rated it it was amazing Shelves: I KNOW it isn’t true that he’s unlike anyone else. It specifically captures the isolated, troubled, disturbed and confused thought process of a young man named Yozo. Longr I what they call and egoist?

His response to women is either to use them, for sex, for money, for whatever he needs, except trust, never trust. Apr 20, Praj rated it really liked it Shelves: No Longer Human – Osamu Dazai. Some of his passages are absolute perfection and painstakingly crafted.

Unlike Furuya’s version, this manga depicts human beings’ negative emotion and sexual intercourse as tentacles, which have enthralled Ninose since he was five years old.

No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai

One modern analyst has proposed Dazai was suffering from complex post-traumatic stress disorder when he wrote the book. I bought this book because I had a friend that was going through depression and related to this author. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. The numerous societal boffins may critique the confounded life of Yozo comparing the inadequacies to the disposal tendencies of lethargy of an addict immersed in drug laced alcoholic trenches dangling on suicidal optimism as the ultimate salvage.


It is a game of endless antonyms. In his mind, such farce was the only way he could find to face the creatures he feared the most: I was so excited I could have wept.

During that time, my grandma encouraged me to apply for hunan job that was advertised in the South China Morning Postat the Academy of Visual Arts. It is impossible not to take this book to everyday life; how distressing it must be to interact with someone so irrationally fearful and indecisive, unwilling to respond when another person tries to reach out, incapable of seeing his ability to actually love.

It is almost impossible for me to converse with other people. Hadn’t I watched Bungo stray dogs and hadn’t I identified as Osamu Dazai and hadn’t I loved this character so much I would probably not have read lonnger book soon enough. It is not only part of a process which is essential to avoid hardening one’s heart, it is also a humane way to treat others, even those whose actions leave a bittersweet aftertaste.

These words grazed over a corner of my mind, startling me. Dazai interwove significant personal experiences into his writing; it was somewhat striking to identify those autobiographical aspects as I read our tormented protagonist’s daxai. Who rewrites and deciphers the codes of classification? View all 4 comments. Despite this state of uncertainty, I agree with the first part of Austen’s statement; we should forgive. I do know the pain of not doing the all or nothing.

The narrator, Yozo, born into a wealthy political family in rural northeastern Japan, has left behind three notebooks – with three photographs to accompany them – as a means of explicating his life of complete and utter failure.

The email address is already in use. The seemingly cogent dazxi and plausible excuses to justify his actions are infinite. All I feel are the assaults of apprehension and terror at the thought that I am the only who is entirely unlike the rest.


Published January 17th by New Directions first published July 25th Each individual presents a mask to the world – but he cannot control how others see that mask. The journals trace his alienated, terrified, and miserable meandering through an Imperial Japan that was made schizoid by the rushed and forceful collision between traditional Japanese culture and Western modernization, from his earliest memories as a bewildered, wary child to his final days as a Tokyo exile, a wizened, prematurely gray young man showing the full effect of dazaai bruisings and buffets that an inimical and omnipresent life ceaselessly dealt out.

I guess, lost, alienated, young men are my favorite people when it comes to literature; Holden Caulfield, Clay, Tyler Durden, and now Yozo.

He uses a lot more punctuation than I did, but it’s every bit as tiresome. He is able to find some solace, at least temporarily, in drink and women.

No Longer Human : Dazai, Osamu : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

I had now ceased utterly to be a human being. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Storm clouds are already appearing above the horizon; they will soon cover these empty cherry trees, and me.

Oda, the narrator and stand-in for Dazai himself, is from an aristocratic background and faces all of the pressure and expectations associated with the Japanese high culture. Both were born in privileged families and felt guilt about it.

I really enjoyed this book. But women are constantly attractive to him. At the end, Dazai committed suicide by drowning. Confessions of a Mask. The inability to trust.