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View and Download Brother FAX-T user manual online. Brother Fax Machine USER’S GUIDE FAX-T, FAX-T FAX-T Fax Machine pdf manual. FAX-T – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: User guide • Read online or download PDF • Brother FAX-T Series User Manual • Brother Faxes.

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If you were copying or printing reports, load paper and try again.

Setting up the password If you forget the TX Lock password, please contact your Brother dealer or Brother for assistance.

Clean the white film and the glass strip with isopropyl alcohol on a lint-free cloth. First, you can select the number of copies.

Message Manager Mode Message Manager Mode allows you to fad-t104 incoming fax and voice messages in a flexible memory.

At the end of a conversation you can send a fax to the other party before you both hang up. Routine maintenance Cleaning the print head Clean the print head when you want to improve the print quality and also as part of your routine maintenance.

User’s Guide

If the Memory Receive is set to ON at this time… If sufficient memory is available, the current fax reception will continue. Enter a new number. Brother is a registered trademark of Brother Industries, Ltd. Always make sure you have paper in the paper tray before making copies. Page 31 Press the Menu numbers. If you are having difficulty with the fax machine If you think there is a problem with your fax machine Page Remote Access Code Your own four-digit code allows you to call and access the fax machine from a remote location.


Table Of Contents Using this Guide Remote Access Code Your own four-digit code that allows you to call and access brotheg fax machine from Making Copies Making copies Using the fax machine as a copier You can use this fax machine as a copier.

Advanced receiving operations Operation from extension telephones If you answer a fax call on an extension telephone, or an external telephone into the correct socket on the machine, you can make the fax machine take the call by using the Fax Receive Code. Packing List Keep the packing materials for possible future transport. Cover page for next fax only This feature does not work unless you have set up the Station ID. Single or Multiple copies, This machine is approved for use in the country of purchase only, local Brother companies or their dealers will only support fax machines purchased in their own countries.

Basic sending operations Sending faxes using multiple settings When you send a fax you can choose any combination of these settings such as contrast, resolution, overseas mode, delayed fax timer, polling transmission or memory transmission. To print the manual completely, please, download it. See Paper Jam on page Delayed Fax Depending on the size of mznual data, you can use this menu setting to send up to 3 faxes at later times within the next 24 hours.

Refill the paper or faxt-104 the paper and load it again. ISDN Selects the dialling mode. Choose the mode that best suits your needs by pressing Receive Mode repeatedly until borther screen displays the setting you want to use. Using the Remote Access Code Dial your fax number from a touch tone telephone or another fax machine using touch tone.

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Calling line identification signals are not generally delivered to fax-t1044 Brother fax machine if it is connected behind a private automatic branch exchange PABX system or other call routing device. When light is out, the Message Manager is off. Setting the Station ID You should store your name or company name and fax number so they print on all These are quiet, intermittent beeps every 4-seconds.

Pick up the handset.

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Insert the document face down in the ADF. Setup for Polling Transmit with Secure Code Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners. If you are dialling manually, the name is left blank. Paper Jam The paper is jammed in your fax machine. See Document Jam on page Important information Important safety instructions Read all of these instructions. Sending a fax at the end of a conversation At the end of a conversation you can send a fax to the other party before you both hang up.

If you have FAX-T, please see chapter 8 for your remote fax options. On-Screen Programming User-friendly programming The fax machine is designed to be easy to use with LCD on-screen programming using the navigation keys.