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19 Followers, 27 Following, Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Britt Tajet-Foxell (@britt_tf). Presented by Jane Garvey. Rory Bremner on how he discovered he had ADHD. Britt Tajet-Foxell, Sports Psychologist For nearly 20 years, Goldsmiths alumna and Honorary Fellow Britt Tajet-Foxell has been one of the.

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Dance Psychologist Britt Tajet-Foxell

But professionally, they have little autonomy or control. It was, and this is not an understatement, like being re-born into my physical life.

And she reminded me that with all my thoughts directed towards work and home, I had forgotten to think about myself. I was asked to be in a ballet with next to no training and I seem to remember it was replicating this lift that first did the damage: Skip to content I injured my back pretty much immediately after I started dancing.

Rupert Christiansen meets the woman who helps them fly again. Slowly, I learnt to see the bad heel as good heel too, and I realised that the pain was in my head, not in my heel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The other day I happened across some scrawled notes from that meeting with Britt.

Rehearsals went well, but when I hit the stage, I felt I went down a notch. And there I was, crippled with wedges in my shoes, having to think about every step I took.

Like Telegraph Arts on Facebook. This may involve the fear of reaching the end, and the frustration of not being cast in the big parts.

BBC Radio 4 – Woman’s Hour, 23/05/ – Dance Psychologist Britt Tajet-Foxell

There was no straight line from my head to my goal. I observed how two dancers with the same injury could respond to it in completely different ways, one making a full recovery, the other never even making it back on stage.


This blog post is to say thanks to Britt, but trajet-foxeol you are someone with chronic pain or illness, kia kaha. This can lead individuals to doubt who they really are. So while taking time out in the late Eighties to have a baby, Tajet-Foxell embarked on a psychology degree and came out with a double-sided perspective that is, she believes, unique in the field.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This situation lasted more than three years and was most painful when I was caught unaware: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Sunday 30 December In early I was able to run without pain. At the end tgajet-foxell was untangled, all the strings hanging straight and in order. I was asked to be in a ballet with next to no training and I seem to remember it was replicating this lift that first did the damage:.

I injured my back pretty much immediately after I started dancing.

Britt works at the Royal Ballet and we spent just three hours together. Body and mind must work together in peak condition. But she made me visualise my good heel and my bad heel: Find us trajdt-foxell Facebook.

She encouraged me to enter all the rooms of my life and mentally clear out the mess in each of them.

They are taught to obey orders. This site uses cookies. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. I have to anchor the dream in measurable components. The Play That Goes Wrong. More Dance News Here. As well as the likes of Yanowsky and McRae, an extraordinary number of Olympic medallists and world champions including James Cracknellboth here and in her native Norway, are indebted to her motivational magic.


Lift the mind and the body will follow Fear, pain, dreams — defying injury requires dancers to overcome more than just the physical. Her skills have also earned her a high reputation in the world of sport. She had pulled me through haze into clarity. For Steven McRae, the crisis was even more acute. The worst time of all was in the northern winter of when — without apparent cause — I was no longer able to run or even walk pain free.

But she is pleased that over the years, any stigma or embarrassment attached to consulting her has faded.

She was direct and supportive, and we did some pretty simple exercises that were designed to help me re-think my experience. At the time I was expressing a lot of anxiety about the situation, and was very low indeed.

For Zenaida Yanowsky, the problem was matching the dream to the challenge of giving birth to two children, 18 months apart — tough in any circumstances but almost unprecedented in ballet. My first thought on waking up every morning was anticipation of the pain I might feel when I put my heel on the floor. In Januarythis brilliant young Australian virtuoso confronted the possibility that he would never dance again after rupturing his Achilles tendon.