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response regulator K () 25 bgi: BGM20_ DNA-binding response regulator (4) 55 to phenylacetate 2-hydroxylase K (20) -> 25 .. bgi:BGM20_ NADPH–cytochrome reductase K (22) bgi:BGM20_ betaine-aldehyde dehydrogenase K () -> 12 K (12) ->

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International Ammunition Association Journal Index. Small Arms Ammunition International. Official Journal of the International Trademark Association. Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies. Lesotho Medical Association Journal.

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The first is an alphabetical list of cartridge articles and information. The second, is a list by author of the major articles published over the years. The references to the annuals is by Volume, Number and page. For ease of use, we have tried to be consistent with caliber names.

Metric designations have been coded with a space either side of the “x”. Accents have been omitted for ease of electronic searching apologies to our non-US members. The elements in this index have been sorted into ascending sequence with numbers before letters. Primer Shipment from Frankford Arsenal. Needlefire – Rissack Patent. Machine Gun by Frigidaire. Shooting Chest 1 ga. Billy Cartridge 10 ga. Leet Pinfire 10 ga.

Elterich Adapter 10 ga. From Hell Hubel 10 ga. Kynoch brass shotshells 10 ga. Mandan Shotshells by Creedmoor Cartridge Co. NYC Shotshell 10 ga. Percussion Adaptor 10 ga.


Yacht Gun Shells 10 ga. Accles Sample Kit 12 ga. All Plastic by Kynoch 12 ga. Amberite Box 12 ga. Balle Blondeau 12 ga. BELL Shotshells 12 ga. Birdfrite Cartridges by Pains Wessex 12 ga. Blackthorn Shotshell 12 ga. Blitz Cartridges by Winchester 12 ga. Bonax Boxes 12 ga. British Whale Marker Cartridges 12 ga. Buchanan New Chief Shotshell 12 ga. Cianni Enrico, Asmara 12 ga. Canuck Grand 12 ga. Chamberlin Cartridge and Target Co 12 ga. Charles Daly 12 ga. Colby Bullet 12 ga.

Colt Teleshot 12 ga. Cyalume Tracers 12 ga. Defender Rubber Pellets 12 ga. Door Breaching Cartridges 12 ga. DPI All-plastic Shotshell 12 ga. Remington Box 12 ga. Early Kynoch Job Lot 12 ga.

Eclipse – Green 12 ga. Eley “Lab” Case 12 ga. Eley Brothers Sample Set 12 ga.

Eley Canada Box Variations 12 ga. Eley Experimental Disintegrating Top Wad 12 ga. Eley Pluto Box 12 ga. Eleys Improved Rocket 12 ga. Eley’s Patent Air Cushion Wad 12 ga. Experimental Shotshell, Netherlands AI 12 ga. Explora Sectioned 12 ga. Faunia Shotshell Slugs 12 ga. Ferret Box 12 ga. Ferret CS Gas Shells 12 ga. Ferret Liquid CS Shotshell 12 ga. Flechette Shotshell 12 ga. Fort Dearborn Box 12 ga. Francialux Shotshell 12 ga. French Military Buckshot 12 ga.


From Hell Hubel 12 bgl. Garrett’s Crimson Flash 12 ga. Good Year Tire Gauge 12 ga. Harkom Adaptor 12 ga.

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Hartford Arms 12 ga. Herbain Shotshells 12 ga. James Davidson, Wells big Sea 12 ga. Kynoch Alphamax Sample Set 12 ga. Kynoch Patent grouse Count Box 12 ga. Kynoch Very Early Box 12 ga. Loeble Shotshell 12 ga. Loreley Fireworks Ctgs 12 ga. Low-lethality Shotshells 12 ga. Manton Box 12 ga. Mullerite Box Labels 12 ga.

Nippon Case 12 ga.

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Nitrokol Shells 12 ga. Nobels Explosives Shotshell Box 12 ga. Oday Saddam Houssein 12 ga. Pagamoid Sectioned 12 ga. Page-Wood National 12 ga. Pest Control Crate 12 ga. Phenix Brand 12 ga. Pluto Shotshell 12 ga. Polish Hawk Shotshells 12 ga. Polyshok IRP 12 ga. Project Salvo Flechette 12 ga. Propeller Shells 12 ga. Quarrel Bullet Model 12 ga. Red Meteor Shotshell 12 ga. Remington Beehive Sectioned 12 ga. Remington Electric Primed 12 ga. Remington Experimental Aluminum Based 12 ga.