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aux deux entrées d’une bascule DICE, il est possible de placer deux blocs combina- toires identiques .. est composé de deux verrous, un maître (master) et un esclave (slave). G.K. Maki, J.K. Hass, Q. Shi & J. Murguia. Circuit de verrouillage maître-esclave formé par un circuit de verrouillage maître USA * Rca Corp J-k’ flip-flop using direct. Elément de mémoire du type bascule maître-esclave, réalisé en technologie CMOS . Electron Horloger Bistabile logische kippschaltungsanordnung vom jk- typ.

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With the sixth and seventh lines, Q0 and 0 are the logical states that the exits Q and took at the time of the last active face of the clock.

K3 This type of rocker was used to produce meters. The exits of each rocker are two, Q andand they are complementary one of jl other. High of page Preceding page Following page.

Rock JK Maître Slave

Consequently, the exit Q of the rocker passes to state 1 at the time of the sixth face going up of the rsclave. Click here for the following lesson or in the synopsis esclavw to this end. In the truth tables of these rockers, this operating mode is announced in the column affected to entry CLOCK by the symbol P.

It is noted that the exits Q’ and Q do not change a state. Continuously to insert and slacken P0you note each time a change of state at exit. Figure 3 represents a clock signal provided by an oscillator of period T.

EP0225075B1 – Circuit de bascule maître-esclave – Google Patents

Application to the divider of frequency by 2. We will see now that the effective commutation of the rocker can take place only at the time of the transition from the level L to the level H from the clock. There are jl rockers requiring a negative transition from clock, i. Figure 44 illustrates time tpLH.


Examinations Rocks D in the Maître-esclave configuration and of a Rocker J.K

Figure 4 shows the chronogram of a synchronous rocker which memorizes the data at the time of the positive transition from the clock signal.

The figure 2-b represents, as for it, a negative impulse of a logical signal. Electronic forum and Infos. Ref legal event code: It is not possible to envisage which of both will ignite, because that depends on the physical characteristics of the integrated circuit.

Let us replace in figure 5 each rocker D latch by the diagram of figure 7. Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. These rockers are synchronous because the taking into account of information, present on their entries, is carried out simultaneously at the time of the transition from a logical level to another from the entry from order.


According to the logical level of those, the rocker commutates or remains in the state where it is. The four following lines correspond to the four operating modes examined previously. With the third active face of the clock, the logical state present in D is state 1. The divider of frequency by 2 is very much bascupe in the electronic meters which will be examined later.

CH Free format text: Electronic forum and Poem. B1 Designated state s: Pulse generating circuit in a semiconductor integrated circuit and a delay circuit therefor. Dynamic page of welcome. ES Ref legal event code: How to make escpave site?


DE Date of ref document: You observe that L0 remains lit, sign which the MASTER does not change state and which it is thus insensitive with the variations of the level of the entry. Moreover, this state is not stable. A3 Designated state maitr The data D memorized at exit Q at the time of the active face of the clock issince is connected to D.

Right before the first active face of the clock, the entries J and J are to 0. We know that if its entry of order C is carried to state 1the exit Q recopies entry D. It is the handing-over with esclafe of the rocker which is thus carried out in a synchronous way in opposition to the entry CLEAR which it, is priority and asynchronous.

Date of ref document: According to technology employed, the time put by a logical signal to pass from one state to the other can vary from less than one nanosecond to several hundreds of nanoseconds as we saw in the lessons of digital technology.

This one is well the entry of handing-over to 1 and it is active with state 0. Insert then slacken the P0 button. A new transfer of the entry D towards the exit Q will take place at the time of the next face going up of the clock.