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A Few Words about Azharul Fatawa by Hadrat Allama Mufti Mohammed Naseem Ashraf Habibi (Habibi Darul Ifta, Durban South Africa) Azharul Fatawa is a. Azhar-ul-Fatawa. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please check that your browser supports JavaScript and that it is. Name, Azhar Ul Fatawa. Author. Topic. Publisher, Habibi Dar Ul Ifta Durban Saudh Africa. Language, English. Total Count,

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She now does not wish to be in his Nikah any longer, as she is afraid of living with him. Those Islamic issues which confront most modern-day Muslims living in Western countries, and which until recently were neither readily accepted, nor practiced by them, are now being addressed and presented by Taajush Shariah in a manner which appeals to their sense of logic.

A unique aspect of the mode of expression of his Fatawa is the intense care that he takes in using the appropriate terms to maintain conciseness and clarity. He has been known to dictate Fatawa in such a manner that he quotes from memory the original text from Arabic reference works like a Hafizul Quran reciting the Ratawa.

One cannot donate blood and organs because these are the Amaanah of Allah, therefore it is not permissible to donate any part of one’s body or donate the blood.

Under such conditions, if a person by just wilfully meeting and eating with a Gustakhe Rasool, imagine his condition of Imaan if he intentionally reads Namaaz behind persons of corrupt Sects and, even then, does not consider his fatwaa to be azhaurl You divide it among yourselves according to Quranic Law. Therefore, the performance of Azharyl on the microphone is either incorrect Fasid certainly of somebody who is relying on the voice of the microphone and neither hearing the voice of Imaam nor observing azarul Muqtadies in front of him or it is suspected to fayawa incorrect Fasid in case the microphone fails to convey voice of Imaam because in this case the position of the Imaam is uncertain as people would not know whether their Imaam is still carrying on Salaah or he finished it.

Azhar-ul-Fatawa –

Vhat is the proper method of Khula? From the beginning of Islam till this moment the Ummah has admitted him the last and final Prophet of Allah. The family wishes to query the Islamic verdict on what should be done in this very delicate matter. A detailed reply will be much appreciated.

They must repent as they have violated the rules of Shariah and committed a great sin, therefore, they have to repent and seek forgiveness from Allah. However, if this condition does not exist, this excess money will not be considered as interest and will be legitimate for a Muslim as it is unanimous that there is no interest applicable when there is dealing between a Muslim and a Harbi Kaafir a non-Muslim who is not living in the safety of an Islamic State.


However, he who builds a Mosque near the grave of a Saint or performs Namaaz near a grave with the intention to seek spiritual help and to be benefited from the effects of Awliya; then there is no objection to this practice. What Tahirul Qadri says regarding performance of Namaaz behind Gustakhe-Rasool come true to Deobandis also and the word “Gustakhe-Rasool” is applicable to Deobandis certainly as they have committed disrespect to the Holy Prophet Muhammad sallal laahu alaihi wasallam.

He is quite different from the whole mankind, it seems to be eminent mankind but it has been classified in the highest rank of Angels like other Prophets, moreover, he is virtuous among all his Prophets. Although most of the Fatawa were issued in South Africa, the type of questions that were submitted to him are the type that commonly emerges amongst Muslim communities living in Western countries, and therefore, they are useful to these communities.

Azharul Fatawa-Collection of English Fatawa-by Taajush Shari’ah

However, if one resorts to tablets and injections simply with this intention that one would not be able to feed the child, this thought is not permissible and shows that the person has no trust in Allah. This year the azhatul same procedure was followed. That’s why Aala Hazrat Rehmatullah Alaih says: On the sacred day of Friday, a huge colour portrait of Khomeini was conspicuously displayed at its entrance.

I conduct Jummah prayers there also. The keys to this are then sent to his family. In case there is a full glass of rose water which has one drop of urine, the entire glass is fatxwa as well, as azgarul it is full of urine.

Kindly answer the following question in the light of Shari’ah. Once the area was struck with feminine. The second one is as follows: A girl has been living separate from her husband for almost two years.

Azharul Fatawa Front Page | shafique ajmal | Flickr

I have to say in regard with the usage of the microphone during the performance of Salaah that it is not legitimate to use the microphone during Salaah as it is necessary that the Muqtadies must hear the original voice of the Imaam. I have had the privilege of accompanying him in his tour of the East African countries, and I had witnessed first hand that whenever Allama Sahib was questioned about any Mas’alah through the medium of the English language, he replied in superb English with clarity and precision.

He graduated from Jami’a-ul-Azhar in and was awarded with ‘Jami’ah’ Azhar Award’ upon securing first position. In the field of issuing Fatawa, Allama Sahib has established a niche for himself by displaying the unusual qualities of possessing a highly retentive memory of the reference works on Fiqh; an incisive approach to the question; and applying conciseness, clarity and sagacity in producing the answers. Is the circumcision of women permissible in Islam?


The favourites of Allah are superior than whole universe and the Prophets are more virtuous that Awliya and our Nabi is most preferred than the Prophets. Whilst adopting the style of A’la Hadrat radi Allahu anhu in his Urdu Fatawa, even those well-versed in English concede that his English Fatawa contain the same degree of concision and clarity.

In the issue of transplant and transfusion, in this instance, the above Hadith of causing injury will contradict, for a person who involves himself in transfusion and transplant is harming himself as well as others.

He, who wants the detail he should go over his distinguished work Fatawa Razvia. You know that the Shrine of Hazrat Ismail Alaihis Salaam is in the premises of Masjidul Haram and it is very virtuous to perform Namaaz in certain place.

They are misled and every baseless act of Wahabis is against Islamic faith. Also in “Durre Mukhtaar” it is stated as. I have elaborated the statement in my Fatwa in Urdu. They are apostate like him. As to the question of life Roohthis only comes to the child after days, which is four months.

Despite having created iwareness, many such Huffaaz did not take heed or did not pay any importance to the rnt act of growing the beard. Sunni Muslims must keep away from them to save their Imaan. On the other hand, if there is a dealing between a Muslim and a Harbi Kaffir, it would not be considered as interest, but as profit and it would be legal for a Muslim despite the fact that the dealing takes place in Darul Islam.

This proves that mediation is permissible. The time taken till implantation is approximately seven days. Jazakumullah Khairum Was Salaam Mr. Therefore, it is nothing objectionable in the view of Islam if one has received the power of unveiling in the view of Islam as it has been proven by the Quran and the Azhwrul.

It is because of the importance of Jamaat so it must not be given wzharul if a proper Sunni, pious and able Imam is available. It is interesting to note that the entire Kitaab is a compilation of questions that were submitted to him through the English medium, and the answers which were recorded here verbatim are those that were dictated by Fqtawa Sahib in the English language. It shows the Cross structure and the azhsrul apparently. Adding to this dilemma is the fact that we see Sunni Ulema who have beards of variant lengths some full, some short.

After reading the Mas’ala on the use of the loudspeaker in Namaaz, a Muslim remarked that this issue clarifies the position of the Shari’at when it interfaces with science.